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Client Testimonials

  September 17, 2018  
  To whom it may concern,  
  I have used Baldini property management since renting out my property. They are always responsive and have managed the property without me lifting a finger. I can not say enough.  

  July 27, 2018  
  President of Baldini Realty:  
  I would like to express to you how happy we are with the property management services we have received from your realtor, Mr. Joseph Jajeh on our family property which he has been managing now for over two years. It is an older property which Joseph assisted us in preparing to get ready for the rental market and provided us with a great contractor to do some cosmetic touches on the property.  
  During the last few years we have had a few minor emergencies to this older property and Joseph has done a great job on recommending professionals to complete the repairs as well as reassure the tenant that repairs would be completed timely and professionally.  
  Joseph has been fantastic in getting back to us promptly whenever I have had questions regarding the property or when requesting his recommendations and professional opinions regarding real estate and rental issues.  
  I just wanted to bring this to your attention and we look forward to working with Joseph and your firm for the foreseeable future for our real estate and rental property needs.  

  July 11, 2018  
  Dear Reader:  
  I have been a client of Baldini Property Management since July 2016 with Joseph Jajeh as my Property Manager. Mr. Jajeh has been very helpful, patient, responsive and responsible resource for me. Mr. Jajeh helps me make decisions about my property to maximize the value of my investments and the returns on my investment. Mr. Jajeh was very patient with me as I learned the nuances of owning rental property. Mr. Jajeh has consistently been responsive to me and my tenants. And, Mr. Jajeh has always met his responsibilities to me and my tenants. I can rest easy while at home or while traveling knowing Mr. Jajeh is on the job. Best of all, Mr. Jajeh is easy to work with and a very nice man.  
  The support staff at Baldini Property Management have also been very attentive to my needs. The staff is quick to research and resolve issues with the tenants and I am always kept informed of developments. I am provided with monthly reports detailing the activity with my property as well as annual summaries to use for tax purposes.  
  In summary, I highly recommend the services provided by Baldini Property Management and Mr. Joseph Jajeh.  

  July 6, 2018  
  To whom it may concern,  

I would like to submit this letter of recommendation for our property manager, Joseph Jajeh of Baldini Property Management. Baldini has been handling the management of our rental property through 3 different tenants for almost 20 years. They have done a good job handling the various issues that come with rental property, including an eviction of a tenant for non-payment of rent. Joe was the property manager when my brother and sister and I took over for our elderly parents about two years ago. Joe has been outstanding and a terrific resource for us. We experienced problems with the tenant and Joe was with us every step of the way. He is knowledgeable about the laws for San Francisco rental units, San Francisco building inspections and the San Francisco Rental Board. Without his expertise we would have been truly lost. Joe went over and above in our opinion. He was on-site with the various contractors we needed to hire and serves as a contact between the tenant and us.

My family and I are truly grateful we have Joe on our team and would highly recommend him as a property manager.


C. M.



  July 5, 2018  
  To whom it may concern,  

My husband and I have been clients of Baldini Property Management for over twenty years. I recommend your company highly to all my San Francisco friends and I believe at least one of them is also your client.

When immediate problems arise with the house it's nice to know your office will deal with them since we live over fifty miles away. Joe Jajeh has been a plesure to work with and we're particular happy with our present renters. We credit your screening process to the fact that no one has ever missed paying the rent in all this time.

We feel we can rest easy here in Napa with your office tending to our San Francisco home.

Thank you,

J.B & M.B.



  October 8, 2011  
  Baldini Property Management helped me find my beautiful apartment. I have a great view, friendly owner and since it's a family owned business, they have been a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend this property management agency to any owner or tenant in San Francisco!  

  October 2, 2006  
  These folks are the property management company for the house I'm renting. They've always been super nice and given us a very quick response to any problems that have come up.  


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